Nakoa Goo

PhD Student
PI: Rob Toonen
Graduate program: Marine Biology

Aloha mai kāua, my name is Nakoa Goo from Puna, Hawai’i. My current research is focused on assessing population connectivity of nehu (Encrasicholina purpurea) to support Community Based Management efforts.  As a fisherman, I’m motivated to pursue research that will improve the condition of marine resources for use by future generations. My previous research experience has focused on biological assessments of nearshore marine species and the efficacy of Marine Protected Areas. Outside of research I support environmental education efforts as a member of the Hawai’i Environmental Education Alliance, Hui Mālama Loko I’a Network and Papahānaumokuākea Reserve Advisory Council.
Hawai’i Environmental Education Alliance
Hui Mālama Loko I’a
Papahānaumokuākea  Reserve Advisory Council