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ToBo Lab
Hawaiʻi Institute of Marine Biology
Coconut Island
46-007 Lilipuna Road
Kāneʻohe, H

The pin on the map indicates the top of the driveway to HIMB. At the bottom of the driveway is a permit holder parking lot for faculty, employees and students. There is also one visitor’s parking spot, but that needs to be booked by someone working on the island. The best place to park if you don’t have a permit is on Lilipuna Road (South East side) or at the mall from which there is a shuttle service. If you park on Lilipuna road please do so with consideration for our neighbors. From the pier you take a boat across to Moku o Lʻoe (Coconut Island). For further information about staying on the island or visiting for a tour please go to the HIMB official website.

Lab phone #: (808) 236-7471

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