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ToBo Lab Research

Our lab focuses on understanding patterns of marine biodiversity through the study of the genetics and ecology of a wide variety of marine species.

The ToBo Lab lab is shared by two PIs: Robert J. Toonen (To) and Brian Bowen (Bo).

Rob Toonen’s research focuses on the processes that influence dispersal and recruitment in coastal marine invertebrates, and the evolutionary consequences of larval developmental modes among Hawaiian coral reef species.

Brian Bowen’s research program is focused on the biogeography of marine vertebrates with a strong focus on coral reef fishes.

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ToBo Lab Publications by year:

(Last updated March 2021)

2020 (33 Papers)

406) Selkoe, K., O.E. Gaggiotti, ToBo Lab, B.W. Bowen, R.J. Toonen. 2020. Emergent Patterns of Population Genetic Structure for a Coral Reef Community. Pp. 369 – 384 In Hunter C.L. (ed.) A Natural History of the Hawaiian Islands: Selected Readings III. University of Hawaii Press, Honolulu.

405) Bird, C.E., B.S. Holland, B.W. Bowen, R.J. Toonen. 2020. Diversification of endemic sympatric limpets (Cellana spp.) in the Hawaiian Archipelago. Pp. 385 – 398 In Hunter C.L. (ed.) A Natural History of the Hawaiian Islands: Selected Readings III. University of Hawaii Press, Honolulu.

404) Craig, M.T., J. Eble, B.W. Bowen. 2020. Origins, ages, and populations histories: Comparative phylogeography of endemic Hawaiian butterflyfishes (genus Chaetodon). Pp. 399 – 410 In Hunter C.L. (ed.) A Natural History of the Hawaiian Islands: Selected Readings III. University of Hawaii Press, Honolulu.

403) DiBattista JD, Saenz-Agudelo P, Piatek MJ, Cagua EF, Bowen BW, Choat JH, Rocha LA, Gaither MR, Hobbs J-P, Sinclair-Taylor TH, McIlwain JH, Priest MA, Braun CD, Hussey NE, Kessel ST, Berumen ML. (2020). Population genomic response to geographic gradients by widespread and endemic fishes of the Arabian Peninsula. Ecology and Evolution. 10(10): 4314-4330.

402) Forsman, ZH, R. Ritson-Williams, K. Tisthammer, I.S.S. Knapp & RJ Toonen (2020). Host-symbiont coevolution, cryptic structure, and bleaching susceptibility, in a coral species complex (Scleractinia, Poritidae).  Scientific Reports. 10: 16995.

401) Kraft, D.W., E. Conklin, E. Barba, M. Hutchinson, R.J. Toonen, Z.H. Forsman & B.W. Bowen (2020). Genomics versus mtDNA for Resolving Stock Structure in the Silky Shark (Carcharhinus falciformis). PeerJ. 8:e10186.  DOI: 10.7717/peerj.10186

400) Hurley, KKC, MS Kapur, M Siple,  K Kotubetey, A.H Kawelo, RJ Toonen (2020). Determining sustainable harvest limits of introduced mud crabs (Scylla serrata, Forskål, 1775) from a Native Hawaiian Fishpond. Pacific Conservation Biology. Online early. DOI: 10.1071/PC20023

399) Wada N, Yuasa H, Kajitani R, Gotoh Y, Ogura Y, Yoshimura D, Toyoda A, Tang S, Higashimura Y, Sweatman H, Forsman ZH, Bronstien O, Eyal G, Thongtham N, Hayashi T, Itoh T, Yasuda N (2020). A ubiquitous subcuticular bacterial symbiont of a coral predator, the crown-of-thorns starfish, in the Indo-Pacific. Microbiome. 8:123.

398) Bowen B.W. 2020. Tuvalu sea turtle distributions, threats, and conservation status. Pp. 595 – 607 In Work TM, Parker D, Balazs GH (eds.) Sea Turtles in Oceania: MTSG Annual Regional Report 2020. IUCN, Gland, Switzerland.

397) Nielsen, E., R. Henriques, M. Beger, RJ Toonen, S. von der Heyden (2020). Multi-model seascape genomics identifies distinct environmental drivers of selection among sympatric marine species.  BMC Evolutionary Biology. 20: 121.

396) Friedlander, A.M., Donovan, M.K., DeMartini, E.E. and Bowen, B.W. (Accepted). Dominance of endemics in the reef fish assemblages of the Hawaiian Archipelago. Journal of Biogeography. Online early. DOI: 10.1111/jbi.13966.

395) Torres, AF, ZH Forsman, R Ravago-Gotanco (2020). Shifts in coral clonality along a gradient of disturbance: insights on reproduction and dispersal of Pocillopora acuta. Marine Biology. 167 (11): 1-18.

394) Canfield, S.J., Bowen, B.W. (2020). A rapid PCR-RFLP method for species identification of the eastern Pacific horn sharks (genus Heterodontus). Conservation Genetic Resources. DOI: 10.1007/s12686-020-01172-6.

393) Winter KB, RA Alegado, BW Bowen, LL Bremer, M Coffman, M Cypher, J Deenik, M Donahue, K Falinski, K Frank, EC Franklin, A Hewitt, K Hintzen, R Kaluhiwa, H Kawelo, K Kekuewa, K Kotubetey, K Kukea-Shultz, N Kurashima, T Lee, J-A Leong, NK Lincoln, E Madden, MA McManus, B Neilson, CE Nelson, R Okano, A Olegario, K Oleson, P Pascua, M Price, F Reppun, Y Rii, M Rivera, K Rodgers, C Sabine, C Smith, B Thomas, T Ticktin & RJ Toonen (2020). Collaborative research to inform adaptive comanagement: a framework for the Heʻeia National Estuarine Research Reserve.  Ecology & Society.  25(4):15.

392) Brown, NP, ZH Forsman, KT Tisthammer, RH Richmond (2020). A resilient brooding coral in the broadcast spawning Porites lobata species complex: a new endemic, introduced species, mutant, or new adaptive potential? Coral Reefs. 39(3): 809-818.

391) Riginos, C., E.D. Crandall, L. Liggins, M.R. Gaither, R.J. Ewing, C. Meyer, K. Andrews, P. Euclide, B. Titus, N. Overgaard-Therkildsen, A. Salces-Castellano, L. Steward, R.J. Toonen, J. Deck (2020). Building a Global Genomics Observatory: using GEOME (the Genomic Observatories Metadatabase) to expedite and improve deposition and retrieval of genetic data and metadata for biodiversity research. Molecular Ecology Resources. 20(6): 1458-1469. (Cover with editorial)

390) Hannides CCS, Popp BN, Close HG, Benitez-Nelson CR, Kaapu-Lyons CA, Gloeckler K, Wallsgrove N, Umhau B, Palmer E, Drazen JC. 2020. Seasonal dynamics of midwater zooplankton and relation to particle cycling in the North Pacific Subtropical Gyre. Progress in Oceanography 182:102266.

389) Hoban ML, Williams JT. 2020. Cirripectes matatakaro, a new species of combtooth blenny from the Central Pacific, illuminates the origins of the Hawaiian fish fauna. PeerJ 8:e8852

388) Andrews, K.R., Copus, J.M., Wilcox, C., Williams, A.J., Newman, S.J., Wakefield, C.B. and Bowen, B.W. (2020). Range-Wide Population Structure of 3 Deepwater Eteline Snappers Across the Indo-Pacific Basin. Journal of Heredity. 111(5): 471-485.

387) Johnston, E., C. Counsell, T. Sale, S. Burgess, R.J. Toonen (2020). The legacy of stress: Coral bleaching impacts reproduction years later. Functional Ecology. 34(11): 2315-2325.

386) Vicente, J., A. Osberg, M.J. Marty, K. Rice, R.J. Toonen (2020). Influence of palatability on the feeding preferences of the endemic Hawaiian tiger cowrie for indigenous and introduced sponges.  Marine Ecology Progress Series. 647: 109-122. DOI: 10.3354/meps13418.

385) Wepfer, P.H., Y. Nakajima, M. Sutthacheep, V. Radice, Z. Richards, P. Ang, A. Chen, M. Sudek, A. Fujimura, R.J. Toonen, A.S. Mikheyev, E.P. Economo & S. Mitarai (2020). Evolutionary biogeography of the reef-building coral genus Galaxea across the Indo-Pacific Ocean. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution. 151: 106905.

384) Winter KB, N Lincoln, F Berkes, R Alegado, N Kurashima, K Frank, P Pascua, Y Rii, F Reppun, ISS Knapp, W McClatchey, T Ticktin, C Smith, E Franklin, K Oleson, M Price, M McManus, M Donahue, K Rodgers, BW Bowen, C Nelson, WThomas, J Leong, E Madin, MA Rivera, K Falinski, L Bremer, J Deenik, S Gon III, B Neilson, R Okano, A Olegario, B Nyberg, AH Kawelo, K Kotubetey, JK Kukea-Shultz, RJ Toonen (2020). Ecomimicry in Indigenous Resource Management: Optimizing ecosystem services to achieve resource abundance with examples from Hawaiʻi. Ecology & Society.  25(2):26.

383) Cros, A., M. Donahue, R.J. Toonen, S.A. Karl (2020).  Is post-bleaching recovery of Acropora hyacinthus on Palau via spread of local kin groups? Coral Reefs 39: 687–699.

382) Capel, KCC*, C. Lopez*, I. Molto-Martin, C. Zilberberg, J.C. Creed, I.S.S. Knapp, M. Hernandez, Z.H. Forsman, R.J. Toonen, M.V. Kitahara.  Atlantia, a new Dendrophylliidae genus (Cnidaria, Anthozoa, Scleractinia) from Eastern Atlantic. PeerJ. 8:e8850. (*shared 1st authorship)

381) Tisthammer, K.H., Z.H. Forsman, R.J. Toonen, R.H. Richmond (2020). Genetic structure is stronger across human-impacted habitats than among islands in the coral Porites lobata. PeerJ. 8: e8850.

380) Forsman ZH (2020) Coral micro-fragmentation a Swiss army knife for coral biology and reef restoration. The Biologist, Royal Society of Biology, London. 67(1):10-13.­­­

379) Jury, C.P., M. Delano & R.J. Toonen. (2020) High heritability of coral calcification rates and adaptation to ocean acidification. Scientific Reports. 9: 20419.

378) Antaky, C.C., E.E. Conklin, R.J. Toonen, I.S.S. Knapp & M.R. Price (2020). Population Genetics of the Band-rumped Storm Petrel (Oceanodroma castro), an Endangered Hawaiian Seabird. PeerJ. . 8:e8463.

377) Phair, N., R.J. Toonen, I.S.S. Knapp & S. von der Heyden (2020). Environmental stressors negatively impact genomic diversity of the widespread but vulnerable seagrass Zostera capensis. Journal of Environmental Management. 255:109831.

376) Bowen BW, Forsman ZH, Whitney JL, Faucci A, Hoban M, Canfield SJ, Johnston EC, Coleman RC, Copus JM, Vicente J, Toonen RJ. (2020) Species radiations in the sea: What the flock? Journal of Heredity. 111(1):70-83.

375) Bahr, K, T Tran, CP Jury, RJ Toonen. (2020). Abundance, size, and survival of recruits of the reef coral Pocillopora acuta under ocean warming and acidification. PLoS ONE. 15(2): e0228168.

374) Greene, A, Z Forsman, RJ Toonen & M Donahue (2020). CoralCam: a flexible, low-cost ecological monitoring platform.  HardwareX. 7:e00089.


2019 (30 papers)


373) Kamikawa, K.T., R.L. Humphreys, Jr., B.W. Bowen, A.M. Friedlander (2019). Recruitment dynamics and fishery characteristics of juvenile goatfish (genus Mulloidichthys) in Hawaii. Journal of Fish Biology 95:1086 – 1093

372) Pinhero HT, Shepherd B, Castillo C, Abesamis RA, Copus JM, Pyle RL, Greene BD, Coleman RR, Whitton RK, Thillainath E, Bucol AA, Birt M, Catania D, Bell MV, Rocha LA (2019). Deep coral reef fishes in the world’s epicenter of marine biodiversity. Coral Reefs 38:885 – 895.

371) Iguchi A, Yoshioka Y, Forsman ZH, Knapp ISS, Toonen RJ, Hongo Y, Nagai S, Yasuda N (2019) RADseq population genomics confirms divergence across closely related species in blue coral (Heliopora coerulea). BMC Evolutionary Biology. 19:187(2019) DOI:10.1186/s12862-019-1522-0.

370) Terraneo TI, Fusi M, Hume BCC, Arrigoni R, Voolstra CR, Benzoni F, Forsman ZH, Berumen ML (2019) Environmental latitudinal gradients and host specificity shape Symbiodiniaceae distribution in Red Sea Porites corals. Journal of Biogeography. 46(10):2323-2335.

369) Cunha RL, ZH Forsman, R Belderok, ISS Knapp, R Castilho, RJ Toonen (2019). Rare coral under the genomic microscope: timing and relationships among Hawaiian Montipora. BMC Evolutionary Biology 19(1):153.

368) Reimer JD, Kise H, Santos MEA, Lindsay DJ, Pyle RL, Copus JM, Bowen BW, Nonaka M, Higashiji T, Benayahu Y (2019) Exploring the biodiversity of understudied benthic taxa at mesophotic and deeper depths: examples from the order Zoantharia (Anthozoa: Hexacorallia). Frontiers in Marine Science 6: 305 doi: 10.3389/fmars.2019.00305

367) Arango BG, Pinheiro HT, Rocha C, Greene B, Pyle R, Copus JM, Shepherd B, Rocha LA (2019) Three new species of Chromis (Teleostei: Pomacentridae) from mesophotic coral ecosystems of the Philippines. ZooKeys 835:1 – 15.

366) Copus JM, Pyle RL, Greene, BD, Randall JE (2019) Prognathodes geminus, a new species of butterflyfish (Perciformes, Chaetodontidae) from Palau, Republic of Belau. ZooKeys 835:125 – 137.

365) Pyle RL, Copus JM (2019) Mesophotic Coral Ecosystems: Introduction and Overview. Pp. 3 – 25 In Loya, Puglise, & Bridge (Eds.). Mesophotic Coral Ecosystems. Springer Nature, Switzerland

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361) Filous A, Lennox RJ, Coleman RR, Friedlander AM, Clua EEG, Danylchuk AJ (2019) Life-history characteristics of an exploited bonefish Albula glossodonta population in a remote South Pacific atoll. Journal of Fish Biology 95:562–574.

360) Vicente, J., R.J. Toonen & B.W. Bowen (2019). Hawaiian green turtles graze on bioeroding sponges at Maunalua Bay, Oʻahu, Hawaiʻi.  Galaxea. 21(1):3-4.

359) Cunha, R.L., Z.H. Forsman, R. Belderok, I.S.S. Knapp, R. Castilho & R.J. Toonen (2019). Rare coral under the genomic microscope: timing and relationships among Hawaiian Montipora. BMC Evolutionary Biology. 19:153.

358) Veazey, L, O Williams, R. Wade, RJ Toonen HL Spalding (2019) Predictive habitat mapping of present-day distribution and potential future spread of the invasive green alga Avrainvillea amadelpha around the main Hawaiian Islands. Frontiers in Marine Science. 6:402.

357) Halász, A., C.S. McFadden, R.J. Toonen & Y. Benayahu (2019).  Re-description of type material of Xenia Lamarck, 1816 (Octocorallia: Xeniidae). Zootaxa 4652(2): 201-239.

356) Ylitalo-Ward, H., T.A. Oliver, I. Fernandez-Silva, R.J. Toonen (2019).  A behavioral and genetic study of multiple paternity in a polygamous marine invertebrate. PeerJ 7:e6927

355) Phair, N., R.J. Toonen, I.S.S. Knapp & S. von der Heyden (2019). Shared genomic outliers across two divergent population clusters of a highly threatened seagrass. PeerJ. 7:e6806

354) Jury, C.P. & R.J. Toonen (2019).  Adaptive responses and local stressor mitigation drive coral resilience in warmer, more acidic oceans. Proceedings of the Royal Society B. 286(1902):20190614.

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350) Moody, KN, JLK Wren, DR Kobayashi, MJ Blum, MB Ptacek, RW Blob, RJ Toonen, HL Schoenfuss, MJ Childress (2019) Evidence of local adaptation in a waterfall-climbing Hawaiian goby derived from coupled biophysical modeling of larval dispersal and post-settlement selection. BMC Evolutionary Biology. 19:88, DOI: 10.1186/s12862-019-1413-4

349) Antaky, C., P. Kitamura, I.S. Knapp, R.J. Toonen, M.R. Price (2019). The complete mitochondrial genome of the Band-rumped Storm Petrel (Oceanodroma castro). Mitochondrial DNA Part B. 4(1):1271-1272. DOI:10.1080/23802359.2019.1591199

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346) Johnson, G., B. Taylor, W. Robbins, E. Franklin, RJ Toonen, BW Bowen, J.H. Choat (2019). Diversity and structure of parrotfish assemblages across the northern Great Barrier Reef.  Diversity. 11:e14; DOI:10.3390/d11010014

345) Barshis DJ, C Birkeland, RJ Toonen, RD Gates and JH Stillman (2019) High-frequency temperature variability mirrors fixed differences in thermal limits of the massive coral Porites lobata (Dana, 1846). Journal of Experimental Biology.  2018 221: jeb188581 doi:10.1242/jeb.188581

344) Crandall, E., Toonen, R.J., ToBo Lab, Selkoe, K. (2019) A coalescent sampler successfully detects biologically meaningful population structure overlooked by F-statistics. Evolutionary Applications. 12(2):255-265 doi:10.1111/eva.12712.



2018 (21 papers)

345) Conklin, E.E., A.B. Neuheimer & R.J. Toonen (2018). Modeled connectivity of a multi-species reef fish and invertebrate assemblage off the coast of Moloka‘i, Hawaiʻi.  PeerJ. 6:e5688.

344) Pyle RL, Greene BD, Copus JM, Randall JE. 2018. Tosanoides annepatrice, a new basslet from deep coral reefs of Micronesia (Perciformes, Percoidei, Serranidae). ZooKeys 786:139 – 153.

343) Copus, J.M., W.L. Montgomery, Z.H. Forsman, B.W. Bowen & R.J. Toonen (2018). Geopolitical species revisited: Genomic and morphological data indicate that the Roundtail Chub Gila robusta species complex (Teleostei, Cyprinidae) is a single species. PeerJ. 6:e5605

342) Forsman, Z., N Chan, K Hughes, C Wolke, I Knapp, E Franklin, D Gulko, L Del Rio Torres, P Maurin, M Parry, A Chung, R Toonen, M Hixon, K Rodgers, C Sartor, R Gates (2018). The First Hawai‘i Workshop For Coral Restoration & Nurseries. Marine Policy. 96(2018):133-135.

341) Kraft DW, Hutchinson M, Bowen BW (2018) Pacific stock structure of the Silky shark (Carcharhinus falciformis) resolved with next generation sequencing. In: WCPFC Scientific Committee 14th Regular Session. WCPFC-SC14-2018/ EB-IP-04, Busan, Republic of Korea.

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338) Price MR, ZH Forsman, ISS Knapp, RJ Toonen, MG Hadfield (2018). A comparison of five mitochondrial genomes from three genera suggest polyphyly in the subfamily Achatinellinae (Gastropoda: Pulmonata: Stylommatophora: Achatinellidae). Mitochondrial DNA Part B. 3(2):611-612. doi: 10.1080/23802359.2018.1473737

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                                                2017 (21 papers)


324) Lucas Moitinho-Silva, Shaun Nielsen, Amnon Amir, Antonio Gonzalez, Gail L. Ackermann, Carlo

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321) Capel KCC, Toonen RJ, Rachid CTCC, Creed JC, Kitahara MV, Forsman Z, Zilberberg C. (2017) Clone wars: asexual reproduction dominates in the invasive range of Tubastraea spp. (Anthozoa: Scleractinia) in the South-Atlantic Ocean. PeerJ 5:e3873.

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