Ingrid Knapp

Postdoctoral Staff Scientist
PI: Rob Toonen

Please see my website (link above) for info on my research. I did a joint honors degree in Marine Biology and Zoology at Bangor University, Wales and my Phd in Marine Biology at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. Essentially I’m a generalist researcher who loves to work on almost any marine organism (and sometimes even birds). Mostly I’m driven by ecological questions and the need to preserve coral reefs for future generations. This might be why my work spans from the ecology of sponges at Palmyra Atoll to, coral disease, next-gen population genetics of fish, lobsters, corals etc across the Hawaiian archipelago, aiding in the research and development of the Coconut Island Coral Nursery here at HIMB (currently my main research focus) along with helping to manage the Tobo lab. I also enjoy adding a touch of art to my science and love underwater photography and have developed logos for the lab, a piece of software, a scientific cruise, and the coral nursery. All in all I love coming to work everyday and can’t believe how lucky I am to be in the ToBo lab.

Links to publications, research and the ezRAD protocol: