Anne Lee

Master’s student
PI: Brian Bowen
Graduate Program: Zoology

Hey there! Before graduate student life, I worked as a lab technician in the ToBo Lab. Most of the projects I worked on consisted of examining phylogenetics of different kinds of fish species such as Neoniphon aurolineatus, Myripristis chryseres, and Chaeton tinkeri. I also started conducting research on the mesophotic refugia hypothesis to see if coral reef fish exhibit structure with depth.

As a grad student, my current research focuses on resolving the population genetic structure of the submesophotic snappers, Etelis coruscans and Etelis carbunculus. Instead of using microsatellites loci, I will be using single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). SNPs have been shown to be more reliable and powerful than traditional techniques such as microsatellite loci for detecting population structure. Because these submesophotic Etetis snappers make up an important component of local fisheries in Hawaii and across the Indo-Pacific, it is important to understand genetic connectivity and population structure to make proper management implementations.